The 11th International Conference of Humanities and Social Sciences (HUSOC) Network

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Once again, the conference of the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Network (HUSOC) has returned to Chiang Mai, the economic hub of northern Thailand. It is a great pleasure for us, the Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University, the 2018 host, to welcome you. Either you are scholars hoping to share big ideas to or general participants looking to forward to attend the conference, we will make sure that your attendance will be productive and energizing.


​​For many years, the HUSOC conference has served as the platform for researchers working in the areas of the Humanities and Social Sciences to exchnage dialogues and build networks. The conference not only features presentations of academic works but also opportunities for scholars to connect with editors of academic journals and books, funders, and representatives from various social organizations, who can turn great ideas from research into real practice. 


​​The 2018 conference is co-sponsoered by the member universities of the HUSOC network in Thailand. It is also supported by international scholars, organizations, and universities.

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